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At Eliwan, we way we want to work in an honest and sustainable way. What do we mean?

At Eliwan, we want to work in an honest ans sustainable way.


  • We hope you like our products. If you don't, fair enough. We try to determine a fair price based on material cost and work. These costs stay the same during sales. So, no discounts, the same price all year
  • We charge for shipping so it is clear what you pay for.


  • We make the products ourselves as much as possible (that is the fun bit). What we cannot do something ourselves, we try to find local help. We always mention this on the product page.
  • We try to use sustainable materials as much as possible. In all cases we mention the materials (and when possible source of materials) on the product page.
  • We try to create as little garbage as possible and recycle what we can.
  • We use energy from renenable sources.

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